My Friends Come in All Shapes & Sizes

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Hello Curvy, Delicious, Gorgeous, Friend!

I love your comments – truly I do! It’s one of my favorite things about blogging — hearing what you think of the things I’m loving — how I’m doing with my own weight loss journey — how you’re doing with yours, but sometimes you just need to tell me (or ask me) something that isn’t quite right for a comment.

That’s what the form below is for…

Don’t be shy. I love when you pop in and invite me over to your place when you’re proud of your own healthy journey — and if a green smoothie is included — all the better. Just so you know.

So what am I really saying? I love having you here. I love visiting you at your place — don’t forget the smoothie (wink). I love connecting with you. I want to be your healthy friend and support you in your journey just as much as your friendship supports me in mine! C’mon, let’s get the friendship started!

Simply complete the contact form below and “hit” submit. It’s just that simple :)

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