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get inspired to lose weight with these motivating weight loss pocket cards

Making life changes is a matter of choice.  Sure, you can live your life exactly how you always have, and you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  If your results have been great, then bravo!  I’d keep doing it too.  But if you’re like most of us, we’re trying to change some habits that haven’t served us well and build some new ones that will serve us better.

With this in mind, I created a series of “pocket cards” to help me remember that focusing on a change I desire to make is solely my decision and it’s completely within my power to implement that decision.  Each moment is a new moment.  It doesn’t matter what the last moment brought (whether good or bad), because it’s in the past and no  longer in my control.  This moment is all I truly have.

I hope you enjoy these “pocket cards” and I hope they serve you well.  If you like them, please be sure to leave a comment so you can encourage the next friend who’s facing a moment of decision to change or to live a status quo life.  If you really like these cards, please Twitter this page (you can use the little bird at the bottom of this post)!

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Each sheet has 8 different pocket cards

How I Use These Cards

  • Print them out on card-stock and cut them into individual cards (you can laminate them if you’d like).
  • Each day, I randomly choose a card from each category and I sincerely try to keep my focus on that activity throughout the entire day.  I’m my only judge of my own success.  If I feel I successfully carried out my new habit, then I choose a different card on the following day.  If I didn’t live up to my own standards of success, then I’ll re-live the card the next day.
  • Alternately, rather than random choice of your daily card, you can choose what you most want to focus on and keep that as your active card for as long as you want.  I know people who have enlarged the cards and
    put an important one on the refrigerator.  These are your cards… do with them as you will. 🙂

Change happens one moment at a time.  This isn’t a footrace to the finish line, this is YOUR life!  Live it on your terms.  Don’t expect perfection from yourself.  Celebrate your successes.  Forgive your challenges; they’re here to teach you something.  And remember, there is no failure, unless you give up.

The game is progress, not perfection!

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What a neat idea! I have never seen something like this before. I am definitely going to use some of these and forward them to friends… thanks for sharing!



Thanks, glad you liked them :))



Woah pocket cards! Actually, when I was young, I was like really needing this stuff, for daily purposes, you know for everyday sentiments, dedication and also for inspiration. I remember that once I’ve been writing some of famous inspiring quotes to enlighten my day, after schooling and working part-timely. Well, it really reminds me of my high school years, and I’m really glad that you shared it to your site. I love reading your articles, keep it up! Have a nice day! =)

Helga Rose



Great Idea, I love it. It’s simple things like these that can change our mindset for the better, one day at a time.


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