Low fat cooking is fun and exciting! Believe it or not, when you focus on keeping your fat low (I try to keep my daily intake at under 8% total fat), then you won’t ever have to count the calories you’re eating. For me, that opens up a whole, wide, wonderful world of gastronomic possibilities that we can fully enjoy and still lose weight.

The internet is chock full of “low fat” recipes. Some good… some not. Some are indeed low fat… many aren’t. I encourage you to be careful of what you find out there that is called “low fat” because everyone’s version of “low fat” can be different. Example: If you put a pat of butter on broccoli, the total grams of fat would be 2.3, but your serving would still be nearly 100% fat! See what I mean?

In this site, you will find recipes that are truly low in fat, not just according to the total grams of fat, but more importantly, I calculate fat on the percentage of the dish that’s fat. The American Medical Association considers a healthy diet to be 30% or less fat per day. A word of caution here… if you’re consistently consuming 30% fat each day, you MAY lose weight… SLOWLY… IF AT ALL… AND IF… YOU ALSO COUNT CALORIES, SUGARS, AND EXERCISE. It’s possible… but you’ve probably already discovered that’s the hard way to get healthy! 30% or less fat per day is probably a very good standard for people with a normal metabolism, and a healthy weight. For me (and I presume, for you), the AMA standards WILL NOT get us to our goal of a healthy lifestyle!

What you’ll find here is a collection of fit and fabulous recipes, many of which are very, very low in fat. I’ve accumulated these recipes over the space of many years, and I literally lost over 150 pounds by using them. If you want to know more about my story and why I believe in this lifestyle, please see my ABOUT page.

You will notice that there are many recipes above my 8% daily fat intake goal. That’s because I consider the total fat I’m eating in a meal. If I’m eating Barbecue Turkey Burgers, at a cost of 22% fat, then I make sure to balance it with a healthy salad, and a low fat bun or side dish. My meal will generally balance out to 8% or less. I also include these kinds of recipes because I know not everyone has the desire to bring their daily fat intake to 8% or less. That’s OK. Be true to yourself. Enjoy the recipes. Your overall health will benefit from each and every one of them! That’s a promise!

Bon Appétit

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