TOMATO PASTE: Tip for Saving Leftover Paste

by Lesli

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Money Saving Tomato Paste Tip

Are you tired of putting a partially used can of tomato paste in the fridge, only to pull it out later and find it’s all rusty inside and the tomato paste is unusable?

OK, that was a trick question. You don’t ever want to save any food in a can in the refrigerator. It’s not only not healthy, it could be very dangerous. If you plan on using the tomato paste in the next few days, you can simply transfer the contents of the can into a seal-able plastic container, however if you’re not sure when you’ll want to use it, freezing is your best option.

Here’s the simple technique I use:  Simply spoon out one tablespoon “blobs” of the tomato paste and put each of them on a plate covered with parchment paper.  Place in the freezer until frozen solid, then remove each frozen serving from the parchment paper and place in a marked freezer bag or container.  By freezing them first as individual tablespoon serving sizes, they won’t stick together when you place them together in a freezer container.

When you need a small amount of tomato paste next time, just take out the number of tablespoons you need and add to your dish.

Having said all that, I like to use tomato paste from a tube, as shown in the picture, but when I was at the grocery store yesterday they were out of tubed tomato paste, so I decided to share this little tip with you.

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