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Tired of Being Tired

Do you find it challenging to pull yourself out of bed in the morning? Are you living on that triple shot Caramel Macchiato?  Are you tempted to nap every afternoon?  Does your body protest when your brain feels like exercising?  Do you feel like fatigue is all that separates you from your mojo?

If you suffer from low energy and fatigue, you’re not alone.  I know — it sounds like I’m revving up for a commercial — and I guess I am — of sorts… LOL 🙂

Truth is, more than half the population reports feeling tired often, and as many as 80% of women around the age of menopause say they are tired most of the time.

I understand.  Been there.  Felt that!

I have a solution… (Okay, here’s your commercial — except I’m not getting paid for it LOL) … A way to get started that’s easy — delicious — and will help to get your mojo back!

Green Drinks

I love to start my day off with a green drink because it’s a great way to get lots of pure veggie vitamins and nutrients — which creates — wait for it —


For some reason, the idea of green drinks scares some people.  I don’t know if it’s because they think they don’t like veggies; or they think they need some kind of perfect recipe — like Dr. Oz’s Green Drink Recipe — or — well, I don’t know the other ‘or’.  I just know green drinks scare people and they shouldn’t.

First of all, they’re delicious!  Seriously TASTY!  Secondly, you can make them with any combination of veggies (and a bit of fruit for sweetness) that you like.

Because I know so many people are skerred to get creative with their green drink, I thought I’d occasionally post the “recipe”, or lack thereof, that I’m drinking that day.

Today’s Green Drink Juice Recipe — Sept 26, 2009

  • 1 head celery (that means the whole darn thing, all the stalks and greens)
  • 1/2 bunch kale
  • 3 yellow crookneck squash
  • 2 paddy pan squash
  • 1 handful fresh green beans
  • 2 apples
  • 1 grapefruit (peeled, but if it’s organic, you can put the peel in the juicer too!)

Throw it all in your favorite juicer (mine is the Breville Elite Juice Fountain because it is amazingly fast, produces lots of juice and is easy to clean.)

Using the above recipe will make about four large glasses of vitamin and nutrient packed juice.  Plenty to share 🙂

Bottoms up!  Healthier, shapelier, bottoms 😉

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David Burch

Why don’t you put in the Vitamix? I have a blendtec: couldn’t I just use that?



Hi David, I L-O-V-E my Vita-mix, you know I do! It’s my #1 “Can’t Live Without” kitchen appliance. In terms of “juicing” in the Vita-mix, what you really get is a delicious smoothie, and I do drink green smoothies too — BUT if I really want a pure juice, without the fiber, I turn to my Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It really juices all the nutrients out of the pulp (leaving a VERY dry pulp) and I can actually drink more juice — which gives me more nutrients — compared to a smoothie.

Great question though, David! Both are good alternatives and I do both. So far as your Blendtec, I don’t know anything about it, but if you love it, it’s a perfect solution.

Smiles 🙂


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